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Unlock your child's potential

Tired of the struggle to get your child to listen and learn?


Let us transform their academics and instill positive habits for a brighter future. Discover the difference and proven results that our MOE and Ex-MOE teachers can provide.

Find out what your child needs to improve on with a free consultation with our MOE Certified Teachers.

Hear from our student who made it to
her dream school and course!


About Elite Student Academy

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Our team of MOE Certified educators specializes in transforming young minds, instilling positive habits and teaching effective learning methods. We're committed to making a significant difference in your child's academic journey.

Our mission is to create success for your children at a young age.

“A good foundation can catapult children into a lifetime of success.”

- Aloysius, Founder & CEO of Elite Student Academy (NUS Alumni)

"Let no person or circumstances extinguish or derail your quest for excellence , your sense of adventure or your compassion for people around you. These are qualities of how great leaders came to be. Focus on what you want the story of your life story to be,  by doing things that make days you will recall fondly, so that when it is all said and done,you want to be able to say that you did your best."

- Amos, Chief Curriculum Advisor & MOE Educator
(NTU-NIE Degree and NUS Masters Alumni)

Our Portfolio of Students
Our Programs

Our Programs

MOE Certified Educators

Personalised Training

Your child will be in the safe hands of MOE and Ex-MOE teachers who have developed this personalised curriculum after over 20+ years of teaching experience in local and international schools.

Discover and transform your child’s key areas of growth, shape better study habits and foster more academic improvements for their long term success. Each program consists of its own weekly themes, personalised to help your child in the areas that needs improvement.

Age-level Learning

Our programs are curated and proven to have worked for primary and secondary students. Every lesson offers the appropriate level of engagement for your young ones.

Grow Academic Confidence

We have curated personalised topics and ways to shape your child’s behaviours and habits to ensure academic success. Sessions are specially curated for your child on a one-to-one basis to ensure maximum benefits.

Our Modules

Our Modules

"Elite Student Academy has been an incredible resource. Our daughter was struggling with exam time and stress management before. With the help of their MOE teachers, she was able to improve her grades and build up her confidence. We are grateful to the team for their dedication and support."

- Mrs Lim

What Our Clients Say

Our portfolio of students come from the following schools, helping thousands of students develop better grades and mindsets using proven behavioural science.

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